Spotify gifts thousands of audiobooks to its premium subscribers

Spotify Premium users are getting 150,000 audiobooks for free as the platform wants to become the “seamless one-stop destination for all things audio.”

Each Premium subscriber is getting 15 hours of free audiobooks per month. Individuals will be able to choose between over 150,000 audiobooks and listen to as many of them within that monthly allocation.

From Wednesday, October 4th, the feature is available in the UK and Australia, and will soon be available for the US listeners as well.

Besides audiobooks, Spotify also boasts an on-demand catalog of more than 100 million tracks and 5 million podcasts.

“Not only can you listen to some of your favorite authors’ works, but you can also tune into podcasts where fans dissect the most minor details of a story and find the hidden meaning in every sentence, without leaving the app.”

Spotify audiobook selection includes titles from publishers like Hachette, HarperCollins Publishers, Macmillan, Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, and RB Media, as well as independent authors and publishers.

It seems that Spotify wants to hook even those people who’ve never listened to an audiobook before.

“For booklovers who’ve never listened to an audiobook, they’ll be thrilled to see that audiobooks are awesome for multitasking moments. When I want to read a physical book or I want to read an e-book, I’m often curled up on the couch during focused time,” David Kaefer, Spotify’s VP of Business Affairs and the Audiobooks Business, said.

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