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Best website builder for political campaign – solutions for a professional campaign site

Are you a budding candidate searching for the best website builder for political campaign? I've covered 5 of the best options offering professional templates suitable for political websites, great value for money, and exciting features for the job. These are sure to make your website building process effortless!

Barack Obama was one of the first political candidates to leverage digital media for campaigning in 2008. Since then, the spending on digital political ads has been rising significantly.

Your website is the prime source of information for potential voters – a well-designed site will attract more visitors and let you engage with them easily.

Raise awareness about your agendas, let viewers convey their messages, and know they're heard!

Doesn't that sound like a plan? Well, my top 5 campaign website builder recommendations got you covered. These tools will help you beat your competitor websites without the need for coding!

Best website builders for political campaign: ranked

  1. Squarespace – best website builder for well-designed websites
  2. Hostinger Website Builder – best budget-friendly campaign website builder
  3. Site123 – beginner-friendly website builder for political sites
  4. GoDaddy website builder – simple builder for professional political candidate website
  5. Wix – best website builder for unrestricted customization and designing

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Want to know more about a specific political campaign website builder? Jump to your preferred provider with this list! However, if you’d like to know more about building a campaign site, check out our list of things to consider.

1. Squarespace

Squarespace banner with user interface
Features:Scheduling, Google My Business, SEO and marketing tools
Best for:Professional-looking graphic designer websites
Free plan:Free trial
Current deal:Get up to 30% OFF Squarespace!

Squarespace is the top political candidate website builder if you wish to create a professional website with a premium web design. Besides, it has plenty of valuable tools for customized campaign flyers, built-in SEO tools, and social media marketing. Its plans start from as low as $16.00/month.

Why Squarespace is great for a political campaign website?

Squarespace lets you add blog posts and market your political agendas easily with its built-in features. Besides, its editor makes website building seamless!

  • Valuable plans: The builder has 4 premium plans starting from $16.00/mo to $49.00/mo, and all of them bring great value for the price. You can opt for the Business plan ($23.00/mo) to conduct targeted campaigns, social media marketing, and send professional emails to potential voters. If you wish to collect online donations for your campaign, you will have to opt for at least a Business plan or higher. Besides, you can also opt for the 14-day free trial to experience its premium features.
  • Visually appealing templates: Though it does not offer political campaign websites’ templates specifically, its 110+ modern templates are phenomenal. They are perfect for building a visually-appealing professional website for running campaigns and building a strong presence amongst the voters.
  • Intuitive editor: Squarespace has an incredible section-based editor, making website building a piece of cake. Even if you are a beginner, the latest version – 7.1, has made work seamless for you. It lets you maintain consistent color, fonts, animation, and other elements. It even automatically generates SEO-friendly pages. Even though it does not offer a lot of scope for customization, you will get crisp results for editing your marketing campaigns.
  • Donation buttons: Are you looking forward to collecting online donations through your website? Well, Squarespace makes it easy for you. With just a few clicks you can add the button to your site, edit the suggested donation sums, and connect 1 out of the 3 available payment processors (PayPal, Stripe, or Square). All donations will have a 0% transaction fee, given you choose one of the eCommerce plans.
  • Wide-ranging built-in functions: From SEO and social media tools to email and contact forms, the provider offers plenty of built-in functions. Other powerful features include creating a schedule and adding your campaigns to a calendar. This can greatly help you streamline workflow among all the chaos. Moreover, you can track your audience closely with Squarespace analytics. It offers figures like the number of visitors, page views, and unique visitors, to get a better understanding of your website’s performance.

Overall, Squarespace is a great tool to build a political website. It lets you collect donations, edit the website effortlessly, and use advanced marketing features to reach your audience.

2. Hostinger Website Builder

Features:Contact forms, consultation booking, SEO and marketing tools
Best for:Affordable website building for graphic designers
Free plan:Free demo
Current deal:Get Hostinger Website Builder, now 75% OFF + 3 months FREE!

Hostinger Website Builder, formerly known as Zyro, is a budget-friendly website builder to create a political campaign website. With plans starting from $2.99/mo, you get a powerful and functional drag-and-drop editor with useful elements like SEO and marketing settings, as well as donation options.

Why Hostinger Website Builder is great for a political campaign website?

Hostinger Website Builder provides the cheapest website building plans you can get your hands on. Irrespective, the plans offer a broad range of features:

  • Affordable plan: Affordability is one of the main reasons why Hostinger Website Builder deserves to be among the best website builders for political campaigns. While the provider offers 1 plan, its monthly price is as low as $2.99/mo. Plus, there’s also a free demo to test the editor before making the purchase. Now for what you get with the paid plan – free domain, SSL, weekly backups, 100GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, and more. Additionally, the plan allows you to accept donations with Stripe.
  • Professional templates: Though Hostinger Website Builder does not include political campaign website templates, it comes with 130+ stylish and responsive options. All of these templates are free, minimalistic, and can be easily customized to suit your needs.
  • Drag and drop editor: Although Hostinger Website Builder is an entirely DIY political website builder, it's still very simple to use. It comes with a drag-and-drop editor, letting you create a website from scratch or edit a template exactly the way you want. It makes website building smooth, even for a beginner.
  • Donation options: You can easily receive donations with Stripe. All you have to do is set up an eCommerce page on your site and add ‘New Product’, click on t the ‘Donation’ option, and configure it to your liking. Lastly, connect your Stripe account.
  • Seamless blogging: Another aspect that I liked about this website builder is its blog resources support. You may need to add multiple blogs to spread awareness as a political candidate, and Hostinger Website Builder makes adding bogs to the site easy. You can add a pre-made blog post or write on in its blog editor itself. Moreover, this website builder comes with a built-in AI writer, letting you generate SEO-rich content within a few clicks.
  • Advanced marketing features: Despite the low price, Hostinger Website Builder offers some pretty cool AI tools that can prove really great for building campaign websites. These include smart heatmap, social media integration, and content writing, along with SEO. The heatmap tool will let you place your campaign message at a location viewers tend to look at first. While the writing tool ensures your agendas are written without any errors, the SEO and social media marketing tools help promote your campaign.

Hostinger Website Builder is a simple website builder with a pocket-friendly price range. It is incredibly easy to use and lets you edit templates for creating a professional website within minutes.

3. Site123

SITE123 user interface
Features:Testimonial sections, consultation booking, SEO tools
Best for:Quick website building experience
Free plan:Yes
Current deal:SITE123 coupon 40% OFF!

SITE123 is one of the best political campaign website builders due to its ease of use and wide range of available functions. It has a lot of templates to choose from for different types of websites. Additionally, the website builder offers a great variety of features like SEO tools, email marketing, and the ability to accept donations.

Why SITE123 is great for a political campaign website?

The website builder includes a free plan that allows you to try out the builder’s features and their suitability for creating free political campaign websites. However, switching to other plans will bring you various exciting features:

  • Plans with multiple functionalities: If you wish to start a simple website, you might as well use the free plan. However, its plans range from $11.88/mo to $45.00/mo, which is worth it given its breakthrough features. Besides, the Advanced plan is hands down the best one. Apart from large storage and bandwidth, it lets you create multi-language websites and enjoy features like email marketing, amongst many others. With this, you can easily receive and send emails to potential voters and make sure your campaign runs smoothly.
  • A range of responsive templates: The political website builder comes with a range of 160+ templates for all purposes. First, you can choose from the categories, including business, blog, community, photography, eCommerce, etc. Once you chose your preferred template, you can easily customize it by adding the action buttons and any additional features. Besides, the templates are responsive to all the devices, so you don’t need to worry about their functionality or providing voters with the best experience.
  • Easy to edit designs: Even if you are a beginner with little to no know-how of coding and designs, you can edit the website effortlessly. You can change the color scheme, add pages, menus, and even mix and match different page templates. That gives you a completely customized website – though it may require some time to figure out.
  • Plenty of built-in functionalities: SITE123 comes with multiple built-in sections, like contact details and forms, a blogging section, and various button options. From the add-ons section, you can add the donation form, scheduler, and even create polls to make your website more engaging.
  • Advanced marketing tools: When running an online campaign, you often need to send messages to all your voters and prospects. Conveniently, SITE123 lets you broadcast emails to your entire email list. Depending upon the plan, you can send 100 to 10,000 emails a month, with the Advanced plan offering 1000 emails/month. Moreover, you can use SEO tools to ensure your site ranks well on search engines.

SITE123 offers a good blend of functionalities and ease of use, making it easy for beginners to create professional websites. With its SEO functionalities and premium templates, it makes for a great political campaign website builder.

4. GoDaddy

godaddy banner with user interface
Features:Testimonials pages, contact forms, online appointments, SEO tools
Best for:marketing graphic designer websites
Free plan:Free 14-day trial
Current deal:Get up to 33% OFF GoDaddy website builder!

GoDaddy is the best website builder for political campaign if you wish to build a highly-professional website with a simple approach. From affordable prices to easy editing and professional functionalities – this political website campaign builder has it all.

Why GoDaddy is great for a political campaign website?

GoDaddy comes with options like email marketing and social media integration, letting you spread your campaign messages to multiple social media channels. Its other features include:

  • Plans with value for money: Be it the primary plan or an advanced one, GoDaddy's pricing is pretty affordable, especially for what you’re getting. If you're looking for a simple political website design, opt for its Basic plan priced at $9.99/month only. However, if you wish to go a notch higher, the Premium plan is for you. It's only for $14.99/month but includes all the features you would need for a hassle-free digital campaign. Overall, its 4 plans ranging from $9.99 to $16.99 offer appreciable features for creating a professional website.
  • Professional templates: Though this website builder does not offer templates specifically for political campaigns, you can easily edit them to fit your needs. It has around 20 fresh templates that are unique-looking, responsive, and easily customizable.
  • Beginner-level editor: When it comes to user experience, GoDaddy gets bonus points. It is easy to use with beginner-level editor options that are pretty straightforward, though not extensive enough for a pro designer. You get tons of options when adding buttons and sections like calendar, gift card, and PayPal, among others. Plus, it lets you build a custom campaign website by changing the theme, color, fonts, and other nitty-gritty.
  • Top functionalities in every plan: Another feature that intrigues me is that all plans have all the essential functions such as scheduling social media posts and running email marketing campaigns, so you can even choose the cheapest one. For example, even the basic plan includes donation options, customizable contact forms, and scheduling options.
  • Social media and marketing features: For a successful online campaign, you must go all-in with social media, and that's what GoDaddy is great at. It lets you connect all your social media accounts to the website. You can build a powerful campaign strategy with 25,000 monthly emails, SEO, Google Analytics, and other integrated solutions.

GoDaddy is a simple yet highly-efficient builder for political campaign sites. It gives you top marketing and integration solutions for social media, email marketing, and apps like Chatbots, event management, etc., essential for a trailblazer campaign.

5. Wix

Wix banner with product theme
Features:Google My Business, online scheduling, SEO and marketing tools
Best for:100% customizable website building
Free plan:Yes
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Wix is the best website builder for political campaign for experimenting with designs and creating a visually stunning website. It comes with hundreds of templates, a beginner-friendly editor, and multiple professional tools for marketing and integration.

Why Wix is great for a political campaign website?

From in-depth customization to all-inclusive marketing tools, Wix has everything you need to create a professional political campaign website.

  • Wide-ranging plans: Wix offers 4 website plans ranging from $16.00 to $49.00 a month. Additionally, you can try the free plan to dip your toes and feel the waters with the basic features. If you want to build a simple website, the Combo plan is ideal. It lets you enjoy a custom domain and other basic features without ads. However, if you wish to go all-in with professional campaigning, the Pro plan is for you. From logo maker and app integrations to advanced marketing tools, you can have it all.
  • Tons of free templates: Wix offers a whopping 800+ free template designs, and I'm sure you can easily find some great campaign websites examples here. Besides, each of these is mobile-friendly, offering a seamless user experience to your audience no matter the device.
  • Artificial design intelligence (ADI) or simple editor: Another unique aspect of Wix is that it gives you two options for editing – ADI and the simple drag-and-drop editor. With ADI, all you need to do is describe your requirements, and Wix will do its magic. It’ll create a website as per your needs, and you can tweak it up with the drag-and-drop editor. However, the latter option gives you the creative freedom to experiment and build a unique website from its multiple templates. You can pick the template, fonts, and create a custom website.
  • Customizable buttons: Wix offers a range of integrations. For example, you may create forms with the platform's built-in form builder or use a third-party app, it's your choice! Additionally, you can create donation buttons for fundraising, chat with your audience, and conduct other events.
  • Blog resources support: While it is not present in the free plan, you can easily add a blogging section to your website with any of the paid plans. Wix lets you create and edit SEO-optimized blogs, and integrate market tools for their promotion.
  • Built-in professional tools: With Wix, you can build a robust online campaign within a few clicks. It offers a suite of SEO features, email marketing, and social media integration. Additionally, it has solid third-party integrations like Google Analytics available on the extensive Wix app store to further analyze and improve your site’s visibility.

With Wix, you can build a visually-appealing professional website that has all the tools needed for branding and marketing.

Best website builders for political campaign: final recommendations

To run an online campaign, you need a range of tools for digital marketing and third-party app integrations in your arsenal. These may include schedulers, chatbots, event management, social media, and email marketing among others. Check out the quick review of the best website builders for political campaign websites and their top features.

  • Squarespace is a premium and easy-to-use website builder for visually attractive political campaign websites.
  • Hostinger Website Builder is an affordable political campaign website builder that offers many useful built-in and advanced tools.
  • SITE123 is an easy-to-use political campaign website builder that comes with built-in marketing and SEO tools.
  • GoDaddy website builder offers business-focused plans, for candidates and individuals looking to build a political website.
  • Wix enables to create a highly creative and fully customizable website packed with advanced marketing options.

What to include when building a political campaign site?

I can understand how challenging it can get to build a website for political campaigns. That's why I've enlisted the major things to include in a professional political site.

  • Professional design: While choosing the best website builder for political campaign, consider if you'll be able to create a clean, professional design with the tool. Check for the builder’s ease of use, customization flexibility, number of templates, and the functionalities you need. For example, Squarespace is an excellent tool for creating crisp, professional sites that are visually appealing.
  • Surveys and petitions: Conducting surveys is vital for collecting voter databases and evaluating the audience demographics. Make sure the website builder has features like creating forms for a smooth workflow. Site123 and Wix are good options for creating custom forms.
  • Online fundraising: Every website builder plan may not come with built-in donation options. If you wish to raise funds from your website, opt for subscription plans that allow the hassle-free collection of funds with a just 1% transaction fee. Hostinger Website Builder is an excellent tool for this purpose with multiple payment channels.
  • Analytical tools: From assessing the number of visitors on your website to checking the audience demographics, analytics can be really helpful for a political campaign website. Look for a web hosting service with integrated analytics tools like Google Analytics or built-in apps. For example, Squarespace offers a Squarespace Analytics feature for ease of use.
  • SEO tools: Creating a website is not enough. You need to ensure your website ranks well in search engines like Google to reach a wider audience. SEO helps you reach the target audience by ranking for the relevant keywords. All the website builders mentioned in this post offer advanced SEO features. However, make sure to choose the right subscription plans.
  • Email automation and marketing: Some plans may let you send only up to 100 emails a month which is too low for running an active campaign. You need to constantly update your supporters about the upcoming events, new agendas and send thank-you emails. Therefore, choose a plan with at least 1000 emails/month. Also, look for a builder that offers integration with social media and third-party marketing tools for running marketing campaigns. With premium plans offered by GoDaddy, you can send and receive up to 25,000 emails a month.

Best website builders for political campaign FAQs