Meta opens up Horizon OS to Lenovo, Asus, and Microsoft hardware

Meta has announced that its operating system for Meta Quest devices will be available for third-party hardware makers.

The company is working on creating a “new ecosystem of mixed reality devices” that would allow developers to build more devices and apps that more people could try out.

The new hardware ecosystem will work on Meta Horizon OS, the same operating system that supports the current Meta Quest headsets.

Collaborating with other hardware producers such as Lenovo, Asus, and Microsoft would give users more choices tailored to their needs, the company said. Examples include:

  • ASUS’s Republic of Gamers: which will work on a brand-new headset tailored for gamers.
  • Lenovo headset: combined with a user's laptop, will ensure high-quality performance for work, learning, or entertainment purposes.
  • Xbox: in continued collaboration with Meta, is working on “a limited-edition Meta Quest, inspired by Xbox.”

With this expanded VR environment, developers can also offer a wider variety of apps found on the app store.

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