Four decades in, Notepad gets a spellcheck feature

Microsoft’s Notepad now can spellcheck and autocorrect text, a major innovation on a product that was released when Ronald Reagan was in his third year as President.

Windows 11 users can now use Notepad without too much dread about their grammar after Microsoft started rolling out spellcheck and autocorrect for Notepad. We checked, and at least on our devices, Notepad has the functionality enabled.

Frequent Microsoft product users will find the features familiar as they hardly differ from the ones in Microsoft Word: red underline to indicate mistakes and a right-click to fix them. The same goes for autocorrect, with the software fixing common mistakes as you type.

Settings on Notepad app. Image by Cybernews.

Microsoft allows users to tweak the settings, turning off both features or modifying spell check to ignore common file type endings, such as .txt, .md, and others.

Released in 1983, Notepad has been among the longest-surviving Windows text editors. The app has received several updates in recent years, with Microsoft introducing dark mode, tabs, find and replace, and other features.