Microsoft’s Xbox announces release date of its mobile gaming store

Microsoft’s Xbox will have its own mobile game store, and a release date is planned for July.

Xbox Mobile Store will first be available on the web and offer Microsoft’s first-party games.

“We’re going to start actually by bringing our own first-party portfolio to that. So, you’re going to see games like Candy Crush show up in that experience, games like Minecraft,” shared Sarah Bond, the President of Microsoft’s Xbox, during the Bloomberg Technology Summit.

The idea to first bring the store to the web will allow users to access it “across all devices, all countries no matter what independent of the policies of [...] closed ecosystem stores,” Bond explained.

Once that’s in motion, Microsoft Xbox plans to expand its service to its partners to create “a true cross-platform gaming-centric mobile experience.”

It’s been a few years since Microsoft first came up with the idea of the store, and will finally launch it in July 2024.