WhatsApp voice message transcription coming to Android

WhatsApp’s voice message transcription, which has existed on iOS for nearly a year, should soon be available for Android.

Voice messages have become a convenient way to communicate, especially for those who are prone to multitasking and don’t always have their hands free to send a quick text message.

For those at the receiving end of such messages, another helpful tool is voice message transcription. The feature has been available on WhatsApp for its iOS users for some time now. However, this hasn’t been the case for Android users.

Voice message transcription isn’t a novelty as several other apps, such as Telegram, have it already. According to TheSPAndroid blog post, WhatsApp is already working on the feature’s beta testing, revealing some details.

Among the shared information is that users will be required to download 150MB of new app data and use their device’s speech recognition to provide the end-to-end encrypted transcript.

Despite recent developments, it’s not yet sure when the new feature will be implemented.

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